Honda key lock
Honda key lock

Repairing ignitions in Burlington and nearby areas is what we do; lockout, ignition jam, lost ignition keys and ignition rebuild. Honda, Chrysler, GM and other vehicles are among our line of vehicles we service.

Our mission is to show up on site, resolve the situation and help you continue with your evening. The best part is that once it’s all done on site you still get to save a little on your repair and potentially get a multi-product discount when the tech is on site!

Ignition lockout – many cases cause your ignition to lock on you, some cars have a steering column issues and the steering locks the switch while some ignitions simply give up and parts of it simply fall apart. When locked out the best thing to do is not to panic and try not to force the key into the ignition to turn, simply because you can potentially damage it further and prolong the repair process.

Worn out keys are potentially a problem as well for your ignition to malfunction on you, some keys tend to wear off and when sliding the key into the ignition the security pins will not align properly on the sheer line. Therefore it is often occurrence that the key may be the solution for this problem, it takes to make a key before you know it. In other cases, your ignition will have to come off and potentially be replaced or repaired depending on how severe the damage is.

Ignition switches – certain cars will require a new ignition switch, although the attempt is to repair your ignition if a new switch is required we will do our best to let you know as soon as the problem is found to save you the time and money plus have a better idea of what was the actual issue.