Hello! We are happy to provide emergency and non emergency automotive locksmith services in Burlington, your satisfaction is guaranteed and service that treats you with respect.

Advice – Your situation can be difficult and an advice will be often required, we treat each case with respect and advice according to what we know best. We appreciate your patience and respect in advance.

Ignition key making – making ignition keys requires a high level of precision, although the keys are cut automatically our precision lies in the service you receive. The precision to solve your problem as fast and as efficient as possible. Ignition key making requires a combination of key coding and key cutting, the code is generated through your vehicle’s Vin number or we will “fish it out” meaning salvage the code out of the ignition itself if possible. We usually are very informative and keep it simple, you will know each step of the way for certain.

Auto locksmith – Being an auto locksmith gives us a huge advantage over the dealership, attending customers location and providing service on-site saves you time and potentially – money. Car lock repair which usually ends up with a full replacement will be an expensive adventure, in our case we just simply repair it if possible and save you again time and potentially – money.

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